Hunting is something most people consider a solitary exercise… Not with the Sparke family! We have 4 kids who don’t want to miss out on anything. So we all went out camping in our bush to go early morning hunting.


We started with a big camp oven roast by the creek, then set up swags around a fire in a cleared area the kids are now affectionately referring to as ‘the hunting ground’.

mum camps

It was a clear beautiful evening, and then a still morning and a slight mist – perfect!

Trying to keep kids quiet was the hardest thing – but they were quiet enough for us to come across a small herd of fallow deer, and we took one.

We were lucky enough to have chefs visit the afternoon we were butchering! They cam to pick plums but got venison too. Thanks James and Nicola of biota!


Every piece of this lovely doe was enjoyed. The hide is tanning. The dogs got a shin bone each, and even our yabbies enjoyed the remnants of cheeks!

Redleaf Summer fun!

2016 has seen lots of summer fun at Redleaf farm. Kids have been swimming and enjoying the dam and creek, floating away the days…


We have had several litters of piglets keeping us busy and have baby ducklings and even a baby turkey.


I’ve been making apricot jam and fig jam for the kids, and endless wheelbarrows of ‘muesli mash’ for piggies.


We’ve had chefs visit to pick plums, fig leaves, nettles, mallow and herbs – and catch yabbies!

chefs visit

There’s been camping out by the creek, camp oven roasts on the fire, and lots of motorbikes over summer. Life is good!



Free-Range Salami!

Our dear sow Poppy damaged her ligament in her knee. She was a Saddleback X Large Black – our greediest and fattest sow. She is now the most magnificent salami.

We have Mild Italian, Spicy Italian and Spicy Spanish style available now at $30/kg.
Large sticks are approx 1.5kg, small sticks 800g.


Let katrina@redleaf-farm know if you would like some!

Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale!

Whiskey and Guinness have had their second (and last) litter of puppies. Unfortunately for Whiskey, one of them got stuck, and so she was raced to the vet for the rest to be delivered by caesarian. She had an unprecedented 17 puppies!

whiskey pups

It’s been a sleepless week for me, making sure every one stays warm without getting squashed, but with the help of our lovely farm girl Sarah we have managed to juggle the wriggling mass onto nipples and under blankets – and still have 17.

They will be ready to go from 8 weeks (mid July) and will cost $1500, vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped (and well handled). Both parents have beautiful temperaments and are fantastic with children. Both have exceptionally good hip scores.

whiskey sapphire

I have started a list already, so if you know of anyone or are interested yourself in having one of these gentle giants in your family, please let me know


Ultimate ‘farrowing crate’

Our friendly sow Anise has demonstrated beautifully how a free-ranging pig chooses to birth. The ‘sow stall’ she built herself under the trees resembles a lovely nest – protected and cozy, she has ripped low branches off the surrounding trees to line the hollowed out patch.

It did take us a few hours to find her – we knew she was due any day.


She had snuck off to have some privacy – and deliver 9 healthy piglets.

It makes us so happy to see the pigs exhibit this natural behaviour! These babes will no doubt make a complete mess of the paddock in the next 3 months, grazing, rooting and wallowing – and turning into lean, succulent, sweet little suckers. They will have the best (if somewhat short) life any pig could hope for. Their taste will reflect the joy they have known, right from birth.