Blue Satin

This magnificent Satin Bowerbird found his was into my living room and was frantically admiring himself in the mirror above the mantlepiece.

I approached slowly and picked him up gently to take him outside. He stayed sitting on my finger for several minutes – enough for me to reach the phone from my pocket and take a few pics.

His sheen was incredible, and his violet eyes strikingly beautiful. It was a special moment.

satin Bower

More Piglets!

Our latest litter of piglets are gorgeous – 10 saddlebacks running around the hay shed causing mischief. Here they are enjoying some bread and vegies!

naughty babies

They are cute now, but in about 10 weeks they will be suckling pork on the menu of some of the finest restaurants! In the highlands it can be found at Biota, Josh’s, or occasionally Bendooley Estate. If you are in Sydney, look for it at the 4 In Hand.

The big wet

It has been raining. A lot.

Yesterday Sam decided to tie the pirate ship together by the creek in case the water level reached it’s bows… he neglected to then tie it on to something. Luckily it snagged on a branch which prevented it from floating away completely. A couple of the chairs on higher ground didnt fare so well… one is in a tree, the other probably in pieces below the waterfall.

Sam stripped off his bottom half and swam out to retrieve the bow and stern sections of the pirate ship – a daring manouvre considering the temperature. photo


Its way to dangerous to attempt a creek crossing to go down under the Redleaf waterfall. Incredible how it can change so much in only a few days! The gate to the waterfall has obviously been underwater overnight, with debris caught in the fenceline. There is a torrent flowing over and a churning pool below that is well up the trunk of the huge gum tree – the water levels look close to the base of the rope down in fact!

Redleaf Waterfall

Unfortunately we will most likely lose some lambs with this prolonged rain – trying to convince a sheep to stay undercover is impossible… hopefully the cows will find tree shelter and the pigs will stay in their sheds!


Earlier this week we had a film crew shooting a final ‘casting episode’ with Chef Colin Fassnidge of the Four in Hand Hotel.

Colin and Sam caught and cooked a suckling pig, with each sharing wisdom about various aspects of the process in between the catching and the cooking. It was a fun day, and we hope Colin gets the gig for the new show on Discovery Channel – which will journey around the globe to find recipes from people who forage, hunt and live off the land.

Redleaf waterfall featured in some of the footage…