Redleaf Lamb

Redleaf Lamb

Our Redleaf lamb is the juiciest, most tasty lamb we have ever eaten!

We began with only a few ewes, and ate our first lambs ourselves, (or bartered them to friends and neighbours for helping out with fencing, bringing in hay, or borrowing farm equipment).

Eating a leg of lamb that you have grown yourself, knowing what has gone ‘into’ it, made it special to us, but we soon realized that it was awesome tasting to others too.

For the last few years have been concentrating on first cross Border Leicester X Merino ewes, with a Dorset ram. He’s been busy, and doing a great job, as we have had lots of twin lambs last spring.

In 2017 our lamb was voted by some of Australia’s top chefs as a STATE WINNER of NSW delicious Produce Awards for produce from the paddock!
Proof that happy animals taste better!

Sam-the-Ram mostly runs with the ewes, so our lambing ‘season’ is naturally a bit spread out. This makes it more work for monitoring, marking and tail docking – but means we have more contact with the animals too, as each morning we check for new lambs – and the ewes generally. We can then rotate paddocks accordingly – we put the ewes that are ‘due’ in paddocks closer to the house, as our trusty Irish Wolfhounds stay on ‘fox patrol’ all night!

Spreading out our lambing also means we don’t have a glut of lamb – but a more consistent (albeit smaller) supply. Once the lambs are between 6 and 9 months old and about 20-25kg dressed weight – they’re dinner!

We supply butchers Victor Churchill, and Mr Baillie & Co – or you could take a leisurely drive to the southern highlands to collect.

Contact to get on the waiting list.

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