Redleaf Pork

Redleaf Pork

Free range, organic, heritage breed
Wessex Saddleback pigs

Our free range pork is delicious! Lean lovely meat, with no chemical input whatsoever.

We have Saddleback sows who love to graze – freely roaming several pasture improved paddocks or bush blocks on a rotational basis. Pigs dig. We love to let them exercise their natural behaviours, and we utilize this trait to help rejuvenate pastures.

Our sows are free to nest and birth where they choose – sometimes the hay shed, sometimes the paddock or a shelter shed. It’s wonderful to let them live as naturally as possible, and to see them building their own nest to birth is pretty rare. They are lucky pigs indeed.

We feed our pigs whole food. They have a soaked muesli breakfast – mainly oats, rice and lentils. Their diet really does affect the taste of the pork, so we steer clear of manufactured pellets. They live a pretty ‘gourmet’ existence, with fruit and vegetables complementing their grazing, as well as cooked grain fresh and hot from Eden Brewery – they love it!

If ever you wondered where the phrase ‘eat like pigs’ comes from, all you need to do is visit at mealtime – they have no manners and will do almost anything when you have a bucket in hand!

As a heritage breed, they are traditionally much slower growing than more ‘modern’ breeds. Saddlebacks are grazers and foragers – they love to eat grass and snuffle around for roots and stuff. Being dark skinned helps to combat sunburn, which pigs are quite susceptible to. We also make sure they have a nice wallow, as pigs actually use the mud to help regulate their temperature, and also to stop getting sunburnt.

We sell our pork at around 10-12 weeks old, still drinking from mum, free ranging and grazing. Our suckling piglets get snapped up by local and Sydney ‘hatted’ chefs. Incredibly delicious and lean, averaging 12kg dressed weight, with less than 1mm of fat – they’re perfect, with thin crispy crackling!

If you are a local chef and you’d like some, email, and I’ll pop you on the waiting list.

We can supply a suckling pig on a spit for your special function – let us know how we can tailor a package to suit.

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