Living well, eating well and knowing what you eat have all been important factors in establishing Redleaf Farm.

We are fortunate to have found, and built, a perfect backyard playground.


Summers are spent by the creek at our swimming hole where we have made a great bbq area out of rocks from the paddocks (collected by the children) and built a ‘creek house’ with iron bark posts. There is a tyre swing, jetty and climbing ‘fort’ of big old logs, as well as a fantastic flying fox.

Further along the creek is a path that leads over the creek and down ropes to take you under our own private waterfall – a trickle in summer and a torrent after heavy rain. It is a magical spot.


The useable farm land adjoins our bush area – the perfect spot to explore, camp, mountain bike, climb trees or ride horses… although the boys mostly use it as a thoroughfare to a neighbours paddock on their motorbikes!




Days at Redleaf often end with a glass of wine overlooking the paddocks, and watching the kids run around the yard, before locking up the array of chooks, ducks, geese and turkeys at dusk.


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