Blue Satin

This magnificent Satin Bowerbird found his was into my living room and was frantically admiring himself in the mirror above the mantlepiece.

I approached slowly and picked him up gently to take him outside. He stayed sitting on my finger for several minutes – enough for me to reach the phone from my pocket and take a few pics.

His sheen was incredible, and his violet eyes strikingly beautiful. It was a special moment.

satin Bower

One thought on “Blue Satin

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely stunning. What an amazing connection; having the bird sit on your finger!!!! Talk about present moment. Max was studying birds last year at school, I can’t wait to show him your pic.

    Hope you’re all well, darl. I smile, whenever I see your email in my inbox. One day we’ll catch up and have a long cuppa, followed by bubbles. I would love, love, love to bring my kids to your farm during one of our next visits to Oz.

    Big love and hugs to you and your tribe. J xxx

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