Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale!

Whiskey and Guinness have had their second (and last) litter of puppies. Unfortunately for Whiskey, one of them got stuck, and so she was raced to the vet for the rest to be delivered by caesarian. She had an unprecedented 17 puppies! It’s been a sleepless week for me, making sure every one stays warmContinue reading “Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale!”

Ultimate ‘farrowing crate’

Our friendly sow Anise has demonstrated beautifully how a free-ranging pig chooses to birth. The ‘sow stall’ she built herself under the trees resembles a lovely nest – protected and cozy, she has ripped low branches off the surrounding trees to line the hollowed out patch. It did take us a few hours to findContinue reading “Ultimate ‘farrowing crate’”