Free-Range Salami!

Our dear sow Poppy damaged her ligament in her knee. She was a Saddleback X Large Black – our greediest and fattest sow. She is now the most magnificent salami.

We have Mild Italian, Spicy Italian and Spicy Spanish style available now at $30/kg.
Large sticks are approx 1.5kg, small sticks 800g.


Let katrina@redleaf-farm know if you would like some!

Published by Redleaf Farm

Wife, Mother, Farmer, Hunter. Passionate about raising good humans, ethically grown food and animals, protecting our native wildlife, and champagne...

One thought on “Free-Range Salami!

  1. Hey do you guys do any orders of lamb for Restaraunts in Sydney? Also could I have some prices on all your products?

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