Ultimate ‘farrowing crate’

Our friendly sow Anise has demonstrated beautifully how a free-ranging pig chooses to birth. The ‘sow stall’ she built herself under the trees resembles a lovely nest – protected and cozy, she has ripped low branches off the surrounding trees to line the hollowed out patch.

It did take us a few hours to find her – we knew she was due any day.


She had snuck off to have some privacy – and deliver 9 healthy piglets.

It makes us so happy to see the pigs exhibit this natural behaviour! These babes will no doubt make a complete mess of the paddock in the next 3 months, grazing, rooting and wallowing – and turning into lean, succulent, sweet little suckers. They will have the best (if somewhat short) life any pig could hope for. Their taste will reflect the joy they have known, right from birth.