Fat lambs are ready

It was a glorious highlands day today and we marked our first 9 young dorper lambs, and weaned some of the larger ones. They are big strong lambs, ready to eat.

We butchered 2 last week for ourselves which dressed at 29 and 32 kg, and are amazingly delicious. So if you like your meat free-range and chemical-free you cant beat these – they’ll give you 24-30kg of meat per lamb, and are available now. You can even come and choose and catch your own if you like!  (First in, best dressed)

Call Katrina on 0411 763 373 or email me at katrina@designsparke.com


Published by Redleaf Farm

Wife, Mother, Farmer, Hunter. Passionate about raising good humans, ethically grown food and animals, protecting our native wildlife, and champagne...

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