Red Leaves at Redleaf

Autumn has been spectacular at Redleaf Farm – and busy, which is why i am a bit behind on my news…

Leaves are turning and the crisp sunny days and frosty mornings are getting cooler, not great news if you are a newborn lamb! We have had a lot of lambs in the last few weeks of sunny days.

Very sadly we lost our trusty fox-scareing golden retriever Duke a few months ago. With foxes are running rampant around the Highlands at the moment, we have two new alpaca wethers to guard the flock. They seem to have bonded well and are hopefully doing their job, although there are now too many lambs to easily count, so i am not sure we haven’t lost a few.

Our eight saddleback piglets are still small enough to help themselves to whichever paddock they prefer and have been grazing everywhere. A bucket of grain is about the only way to get close to the cheeky little porkers. They are due on the spit at Biota next Sunday! Come along and taste the best pork ever. (We will also be holding a stall as part of Celebration Sunday selling our lamb.)

Our next piglets are due early June out of Nutmeg, sister to Pepper and Ginger. It will be her first litter for us – she has been lazing around in the sun like a big fat pig!

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