Creek Pirates

We celebrated Phoenix’s birthday with a pirate party at Redleaf Creek. The pirate ship was moved to a new position, with the ‘plank’ going into the creek. A treasure hunt, the flying fox, a waterfall abseil and suckling pork rolls kept everyone happy!


The pirate ship through the spit-roast smoke-haze…

IMG_7587 IMG_7601

Scurvy Sam and Ruthless Rex deliver supplies IMG_7634 IMG_7638

Sassy Sapph finds ‘gold’ IMG_7645

The cake (60cm long – it had to feed a lot of kids!) IMG_7689 IMG_7715

Some anxious parents assist with the creek crossing before an abseil down waterfall. IMG_7731

Catering – Redleaf Farm style!

One thought on “Creek Pirates

  1. What an amazing Pirate party!!! So great to see the kids and Scurry Sam in costume! Love the ship by the creek. You and Sam’s hard work on party details is well appreciated! The Cake looks fabulous! Did you make it, Katrina? Your suckling pig looks mouth watering delicious! Wished we could have been there! Miss you!!!!! love,Sandra

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